Avenge ronnie beat the boss dead island 2

Avenge Ronnie Beat The Boss Dead Island 2

Tips and Tricks How to Beat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2? 

Strategy, patience, and talent are all required for success in Dead Island 2. In particular, one of the game's powerful monsters, Alesis Hernandez, can be extremely difficult to defeat. It can be challenging to defend against Alesis, a zombie who uses a variety of assaults such as Puke Spray, Caustic Spit, and Grab assaults. However, if you do it correctly, you can easily defeat him and achieve the "Michael Anders and the Holy Grail" goal.

Hitting Alesis Hernandez and then running away is suitable for beating him. Alesis has a sturdy defence, but he's slower than bosses like Becki the Bride, so you can sneak up on him and deal some damage. If you want to beat Alesis, you must study his fighting style and determine how to defend against it.
Alesis's Puke Spray is a powerful strike since the Caustic X it contains can cause damage over time. When Alesis launches this attack, stand back and out of the way of the vomit. Alesis also has a move called Caustic Spit that does AE damage. The ideal strategy is to retain your distance from Alesis and dodge his attacks several times.
Alesis will also try to grab you when he is close enough to do so with his Grab Attacks. Dodging and staying at arm's length from Alesis are effective countermeasures against this attack.
The best weapons, particularly sharp melee ones, are crucial for defeating Alesis Hernandez. Having a stockpile of pipe bombs on hand is also a great weapon against him. It's best to be near Alesis Hernandez during the fight, as his artificial intelligence seems to crack under pressure. Use sharp melee weapons to target his head, where most damage will be done.

There's no need to freak out if Alesis Hernandez grabs you; getting free is straightforward. After he lets you go, you can launch an attack and do some damage to him. To make this happen, allowing him to grip you is not a terrible idea.
In Dead Island 2, six characters known as Slayers try to flee the city but become infected. At Dr Reuben Reed's sanctuary in Santa Monica, they learn they are resistant to the infection and search for a cure, but their faith in him is tested. They meet Lola Konradt and her band of survivors and hear of the Numen, a new species of human who can absorb the virus without losing their minds.
The Slayers eventually find Dr Reed, who admits his role in the pandemic and provides a cure. While Konradt and her followers closely watch the Slayers, they decide to remain in Los Angeles and aid other survivors. It's been ten years since the devastation of Dead Island, and now the government and military of the United States have quarantined the state of California because of a more widespread zombie outbreak.
While returning features like the "rage" and crafting systems are present in Dead Island 2, the game's combat mechanics are unique. The game offers a new take on the Dead Island franchise by moving the action to isolated versions of Los Angeles and San Francisco, both devastated by a zombie outbreak.
In conclusion, you'll need patience, strategy, and talent to defeat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2. You can beat Alesis using hit-and-run tactics, stay out of his reach, and arm yourself with sharp melee weapons and pipe bombs.

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