Game Description

      Are you craving to test your shooting skills? Can you become the top scorer of the stickman shooting arena? If yes, then prove yourself by this game!

      Play freeĀ ARCHER PEERLESS on best crazygames.

      The gameplay of this bow shooting game revolves around the cute tiny archers who are on their mission to kill down their enemies. Thus, your goal in this side-scrolling game will be to shoot maximum enemies within a single shot. The reward will be higher in case of a double or triple shooting.

      In this bow and arrow game, all you have to do is draw a trajectory using your finger, fix the angle, take the aim, and click off. Resultantly, an arrow will be launched from your bow and follow your drawn trajectory. If the circuit leads to the enemy, you'll get gold coins with each kill. If no, then the damage will be delivered to your side in different ways - depending upon the gaming mode.

      This stickman archery game consists of three main gaming modes - each mode consist of various levels. These modes are as follows.

      • Battle mode

      As the name implies, in this mode of stickman archer, two groups - player group and IA-based enemy group, will combat one on one. Each group comprises five-member at the first round. In this battle shooter, each group will be given a turn to shoot the opponent group one by one until all the group's archers die. You will get a specific number of gold coins on each kill, and as described before, the rewards will double or tripled on killing two or three opponents in one turn. If you get succeeded in killing all the shooters of the opponent group before they kill all your members, you'll win this Archery craft game. Otherwise, the tournament will be over, and you have to play the same round from the start.

      • Hunting mode

      In this mode of shooter archery game, you have to hunt for animals using your bow and arrow. It won't be easy since the animals will start coming towards you faster as you proceed further. Moreover, not any animal will die in a single shot. The bigger the animal, the more arrows you have to throw on him. If you don't kill a monster, he will run into you and kill you. Thus, it is a kind of survival game where your archery skills will save your lives. Get help from bubble pops - hot air powdered balloons, and throw an arrow towards the bubble to kill all the frame animals at once.

      • Puzzle mode

      As the name implies, this mode of archery elite game resembles more brain games other than the traditional online shooting games. Here, your opponent will be standing at a distant location, and you have to aim towards him. If you can't kill him in one turn, he will kill you. With each passing level, the distance and obstacles between you and your opponent will change. You can utilize all the rewards to buy heavier and powerful armour and to unlock more competitive heroes. So, are you ready to test your shooting skill?

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