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    Boat Racing

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    Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? A battleship warrior who fights over the challenging waves of the ocean to prove himself the ultimate pirate. This fantastic Boat Rescue racing game's game revolves solely around the water environment - specifically the ocean. This boat racing is an action pack full of adventure and thriller and is best for those eager to run their speed boats across the river and oceans. Besides realistic graphics, you can experience the most realistic control of various cruise ships and watercraft. Since the game is a 3d racing game, your goal is to beat your competitors to win the battle - the racing battle. In a nutshell, this battleship game will allow you to swift your dream boat in the watery arena and show the world who is the real pirate here.

    Besides the adventure-filled online battleship, you will also explore the beautiful locations passing each level. This multilevel boat race will leave you stunned by the breathtaking in-game views for one. You can travel from one place to another in a specific interval. However, the duration required to reach your final destination depends upon your skill and, most importantly, the type of ship you have. Thus, in this world of warship legends, you must pay special attention to reaching the higher levels to unlock the more advanced and highly armored ship. Remember that having a less efficient ship by your side will land you in hot water. However, it does not mean that the skill doesn't matter. Like other ship Racing games, the players will have access to motorboats, offshore powerboats, jet skis, etc., but your skill will make you complete a round with higher points.

    This u boat game will seriously put your skills to a very tough test, so prepare and make up your mind accordingly. Another feature that makes this io racing game superior to other online battleship games is a massive collection of ships to steer. Navigate your boats in this boat racing simulator by buttons or helm. Various modes, such as time challenge, freestyle, and traffic mode, are available to go through the never-ending fun experience. Customize your vehicles to get an edge over your opponents. Fit in new engines, spoilers, or blades to increase your ship's efficiency. Besides upgrading your old ships, you can also buy new and advanced boats to stay prominent in this Power Boat Racing 3D Xtreme racing. Stunning and vibrant 3d graphics with realistic ocean physics and smooth boat handling to improve your skills. So are you ready to prove your skills as a battleship warrior? If yes, then press the play button and let your skills speak up on your behalf.

    Release Date: 30 June 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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