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  • Bounty Rush

    Bounty Rush

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    game description

    Suppose you're wondering why you must go for a Bouncer Idle workout in this fantastic exploration and adventure movie because you have to. Simply put, to get currency. You have a total of three deaths; use them wisely.

    Achieve the most excellent possible score, gather hearts to restore your health, and utilize any potions at your disposal. In One Note Treasure Rush, players take control of pirates from the hit Bouncy Gold manga series One Note in a motion graphics fighting arena where they may plunder wealth.

    To win the wealth of fruit money, you must join Burd, the renowned Top Hat Thief, or the rest of your favourite shows in a four vs four actual pap fight. Every battle features objects from a One Piece canon to give your WebGL squad an edge. Planning your actor's class (Aggressor, Protector, Run) is essential if you want to amass a large amount of loot.

    Release Date: 3 April 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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