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  • Broken Breakout

    Broken Breakout

    puzzle puzzle Mouse Mouse 1 Player 1 Player Arcade Arcade

    game description

    The fantastic game you're playing requires you to The Broken Bridge slide the level around. You read it correctly! for the puck to hit the blocks and clear them! Avoid running into red blocks since they will end your game. One must use extreme caution while participating in games of this kind.

    There are a lot of levels, but as soon as you clear the simple ones, the Codebreaker challenging ones start showing up! Since we have yet to determine the total number of complex stages, all we can do is wish you all best of luck. The player has four chances to remove the bricks from both of the game's displays.

    Yellow bricks are worth one Dead Outbreak point every, green bricks are worth three points, orange bricks are worth five points, and red bricks are worth seven points. After the ball has passed through the red line and struck the top wall, the size of the paddle decreases until it is only half as large as it was before.

    After eight hits, after Soccer ten hits, then after touching the pink and red rows, the speed of the ball will increase by a specified amount at each of these intervals.

    Release Date: 4 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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