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  • Buggy Race Obstacle

    Buggy Race Obstacle

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    game description

    In this great Buggy Drive Stunt Sim game, you'll have to steer clear of many hazards and other players controlling similar cars. There is a competition, and you will be one of the participants. You should race at high speeds to outshine your opponents, but you should be cautious to avoid crashing your car over three times.

    Let's see whether you're up to the challenge of this obstacle course. You'll be competing against even a field of other drivers, each of whom has their distinct traits Race Down and skills. Accumulate a set of wacky superpowers such as the Kickball Frenzy, Fireworks, and Oil Slick.

    Various vehicles are available for Sack Race unlocking and upgrading from dune cars to big trucks. Six unique game types over fifteen unique 3D racing circuits, dodging a pack of tropical-obsessed, road-rage-filled opponents.

    Release Date: 3 July 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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