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  • Bullet Jakke Adventure

    Bullet Jakke Adventure

    Adventure Adventure kiz10 kiz10 fly fly shooter shooter html5games html5games

    game description

     Bullet League's Adventure is an HTML5 game. That will make you fun in the simulation game. It is not a challenging game to play, but you have to make some decisions with logical thinking.

    Here you have a cannon that want to be fired, but you are the operator thrillers; you have to decide the angle for the cannon force to shoot Jakke in this adventure game. The Jakke will fly over Adventure earth and collect more coins and money bags for us. While running, many dangerous animals will come into the kiz10 game. Some animals will help, and some others will be hazardous to us.

    You can adjust the angle with your mouse when you shoot One Bullet Man 3D the Jakke and then click to fire in the shooting game. Jakke can fly far away and collect more money; if he is going to stop, you have to reshoot him with your pistol. Then again, he could fly in the fly game online. You can do the same thing according to your upgrade value and use more options in the action game.

    Release Date: 11 October 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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