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  • Counter Terrorist Shooting Strike

    Counter Terrorist Shooting Str...

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    game description

    Great Counter Battle Strike Mp game, but you must arm yourself before winning. You'll need to sneak inside an opposing stronghold, find their weapons cache, and wipe them out. You may arm yourself through a menu or stick to using a handgun for the duration of the battle. Plenty of challenges to overcome if you're itching for some entertainment

    Just competent tactical management is required. All levels and areas in this second-person Counter Stickman Battle Simulator shooting game are accessible. By banding together, we may unleash a devastating force, like an army, onto our enemies.

    Aim and fire; the current opponent consists of strong troops, offensive soldiers, and leaders in this action-driving game. Fire your weapons and eliminate the opposition; it's time to begin the Count Master 3D most giant military assault game in the history of humanity. You have been given charge of the regular army; go into combat with courage.

    Release Date: 9 June 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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