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  • Cubey Labyrinths

    Cubey Labyrinths

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    game description

    In Cube Jump Labyrinths, you'll navigate a variety of puzzling 3D labyrinths. To win, you must get the ball into the yellow cube. The process may seem simple initially, but you'll need to reorient the cube before seeing any results.

    To prove yourself a true master, you should aim for the fastest possible time. Let me notify you if it's all right! The keyboard and mouse Ultimate Jump Cube are available as well. Try this free seek-and-locate game to determine whether your sibling shares your passion for discovery.

    You and your Rolling Cube sister Margaret need a suitable location for an initiation ceremony, so you go to Idaho's Devil's Tower. Sadly, your drive to the Sinner's Tower is being cut short. There's a frightening alien army invading your planet as you and her sister look for ritual games.

    Release Date: 23 July 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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