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    Drift Racer

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    game description

    To succeed in Race Down, you'll need to put every ounce of your driving prowess to the test. You and a police vehicle are on a racetrack, and you must complete each lap by floating much as possible.

    It may seem challenging, but with effort, everything is attainable. Twenty million downloads from across the globe. Thanks to its cutting-edge drift assist, Real Drift Racer remains the most simple drift strategy game on android platforms without sacrificing controllability or gameplay.

    Sway at high speeds in rising automobiles (turbo or ordinarily aspirated) on courses built for the purpose. Gain experience in racing and drifting, and spend your Driving game earnings on upgrades. Play the game for free or try to beat the national record in the top race.

    Release Date: 21 October 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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