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    game description

    Hungry And Pace is a fantastic automobile Multiplayer racing simulation. It's no exaggeration to say that Feed For Drive is a fantastic racing video game. Would you want some food to help you win races?

    The prize for this competition is a full stomach. Your car's performance will suffer if you eat poorly, but if you consume healthy foods like cauliflower, your Driving vehicle can outperform the competition. You may also purchase more vehicles to test out during the races so that you can choose one of the provided maps. Customize a car to reflect your personality.

    Get in the driver's seat and press the gas to enter the world of underground racing, where you'll find yourself launching between mayhem and stability. Conquer the one-touch opposition, improve your standing, and then plunge headfirst into even more races, modifications, and vehicles. Do what you want, and don't look.

    Release Date: 22 December 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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