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      Are you a die-hard fan of 2d adventure games like Mario and sonic? If yes, then try this new adventure game with modern gameplay and old-school graphics?

      Play FRUIT ADVENTURE on best crazygames.

      Dip your finger in the sweet juicy environment and jump into this fruit adventure game online. The gameplay of this unity 2d game revolves around a cute little strawberry but don't underestimate the courage and bravery of this unique adventurer by seeing his physical appearance. 

      Anyway, please get back to the gameplay of our adventure quest. As a strawberry warrior, your mission is to move across the forest to search for gold coins and clear the beautiful environment from the absurd and toxic enemies.

      The developer introduced a very different enemy character to make it the best adventure game for kids. The enemies you will combat here are neither any animals nor the creepy arthropods, but the sweets.

      Yes, the sweet choco enemies will be there waiting to reduce your health, and this is the feature that makes it one of the best logic games for 9 years olds since the game helps your child learn how sweet can be toxic for their health.

      In this fun brain game, your character will not die on a single interaction with the sweet.

      Just as the sweets do not make you die on a few consumptions, however, if you consume so many sweets continuously, your journey in this 2d mobile game will end without getting a health booster. You must be wondering, "how do you avoid these enemies in this Mario 2d if they are blocking your way?" Well, that would be simple. Just jump over their heads, and you will see that these enemies will disappear.

      However, the sweets will not be your only opponent during this adventure journey. This arcade game comes up with so many spikes, so many complicated obstacles. And most of all, so many puzzles and all those things prove that 2d games are better than 3d. Moreover, you have to find a key to unlock the exit point to finish a level. No key, No exit.

      This puzzle game consists of eight rounds, and each level will come with more complicated obstacles and a more demanding gaming environment. However, the exciting and engaging gameplay of adventure games android will never let you leave the game until you finish all the levels.

      You can play this html5 game on PC and mobile with complete ease since the game possesses a very user-friendly interface and navigation system. So why are you waiting? Press the play now icon and start your adventure mission now! Extend your level of fun further with Fruit land - a match-three adventure game.

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