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  • Granny Mansion

    Granny Mansion

    WebGL WebGL Survival Survival Unity 3D Unity 3D Killing Killing 1 Player 1 Player Evade Evade Blood Blood Horror Horror

    game description

    Those falsehoods might be true, so be cautious. Withstand the ordeal of Cineworld Horror The Mansion and make it out alive. While restoring the house, Maddie is learning more about her family's past, but it seems like there's always another mystery to solve. I don't know why I hid the fact that I had a mansion.

    Where did all the money and property go that belonged to your family? Who is the Gunfighter Gunman's Proof unknown sculptor of the statue? Will Madison lose everything if she doesn't get the lawns up to code? Finally, do I have additional surprises in store for you? The answer is no. I have nothing to lose.

    The abandoned home I grew up in provides the Unity 3D backdrop for our strange tale. Together, you and Maddie will repair the grounds and uncover the secrets of the Boulton family's history as you piece together what occurred.

    Release Date: 5 February 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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