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  • Helix Ascend

    Helix Ascend

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    Game Description

    We are not descending in this fantastic online Tap Heli Tap game known as Helix Ascend but rather ascending. It's helpful for combos because you gain height whenever you hit one of the clear pads. But you could plunge into the void below if you don't hit all the pads. Appealing roller game in which you must punch and blast your way through a stack of helixes.

    The ball can be launched at full throttle, and a lightning strike Spooky Helix jump can be created, allowing you to destroy even the most impregnable of the black social media channels with relative ease using the rubber approach. The said Helix plyometric game is addictive even without internet access.

    The game of straight ball is thrilling and brutal to put down. It is necessary to break free and forgo its black to keep the ball slipping until the end. It requires enormous abilities to swoop your puck to the Helix Descend final moment as you restrict, tumble backwards, and wreck through into the hairpin social media channels like never before in a game. Fire off blasts, break out social media, and ricochet off the helixes.

    Use your hammer to break through to the brightly coloured social media channels that stand in your way, but be careful not to hit the black ones, or the Arcade game will be over. Though it's simple to pick up and play, Hairpin Stack Rise requires a lot of skill to get good at. The gameplay starts easy but quickly becomes complex. There is a blank slate upon which to write the saga of the layer king.

    Release Date: 27 March 2020 , Platform: Web browser,

    2621 played times

    Category: Arcade

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