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  • Help Stickman Burn

    Help Stickman Burn

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    game description

    To win this game, you must assist the stickman in getting into the water. The stickman is carrying a bomb hair, and you will need to help the gingerbread man get into the water to defuse the bomb. We have faith in you. Help The Cowboy and know that you can succeed.

    The challenges are going to get more challenging! You can get it right if you try to solve this problem! In addition, there are a variety of skins for the stickmen if you choose to utilise them. It is a tournament that combines the elements of drawing competitions with logical-style Super Monster Santa Helper games. Put your thinking cap on and draw a line to defend the stickman from bombs, daggers, bullets, and arrows coming his way, along with the many other life-threatening threats.

    The answer is that it is a save drawing game, and you will need to draw a line to help the stickman. To assist the stickman in surviving, you may create stunts, walls, shelters, and any other type of protection. Strengthen your sense of reasoning as you sharpen your mind and draw Stickman Skate 360 Epic City skills by practising drawing lines creatively. Make sure you can resolve the riddle by creating a bar and giving the stickman a chance to escape.

    You'll need to press to draw your line, and you may release your finger after you finish. Make sure your pipe will not harm the stickman you are protecting, and then draw two to rescue the stickman. Remember Stickman maverick: Bad Boys, you shouldn't remove the tube, so it crosses the stickman you must defend.

    Release Date: 6 September 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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