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  • Hungry Shark Arena

    Hungry Shark Arena

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    game description

    Are you looking for a game to get a sensation of playing different genres of online games at once? If yes, try this game and find out how skilled you are! PlayHUNGRY SHARK ARENA on the best crazy games. The gameplay of this arcade game revolves around a hungry shark who has to live his life to the longest. For this purpose, you must help her in this multiplayer mobile game to follow the three basic rules: survive, hunt, and grow Hungry Shark World. This online multiplayer game will start with a hanging shark trying to free herself from the cage. You have to help the shark eat as many birds as possible. Keep in mind that the size of your shark will grow in this battle royale game as much as she eats. In other words, the gameplay is similar to man's; however, the gaming theme and environment would be different here. Once the size of your shark grows in this shark game, she will become powerful enough to break the cage and drop into a massive water body.

    It is the point from where the real hunting game will begin. From this point, your main goal will be to grow and hunt to transform into the giant predator of the arena. Since you are in an endless ocean, you will find much fish of different sizes. Some would be so small that they won't contribute much to your size. On the other hand, some will be bigger enough even to eat you in one bite. Thus, your main challenge in this free 3d game will be to eat the Animal smaller in size than you. You can also consume ones that are as big as you are. However, getting them in your stomach will not be a piece of cake. Noticing a shark of your size in front of you in this HTML 5 game, you must combat her. Imagine how it would seem when two sharks try to eat one another. Thus, in this way, you will get the sensation of playing killing games and multiplayer online battle arena games.

    The adventure won't even stop here since another tragedy awaits you. Since you can eat only those who are similar or smaller in size, your game will be over if a giant shark finds you in this multiplayer game. Some people think their shark is strong enough to defeat the more giant animals, but that's not true in this animal crossing scenario. The only way to win from the enormous shark is to stay away from their sight. And if accidentally, Shark Attack you'll meet the one, run as far as you can or find a shelter. Collect maximum gold coins in this cross-platform game by completing the daily missions and use these coins to unlock mesmerizing sharks! So can you become the Alpha of the ocean? Are you multitasking enough to perform various tasks in this skill game, like hunting, fighting, and defending? If you think you are, dive into the deep blue ocean and prove yourself. If you enjoy playing shark games, you should also try Hungry Shark World!

    Release Date: 14 July 2021 , Platform: Web browser

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