Jeff The Killer: Horrendous Smile

    Jeff The Killer: Horrendous Sm...

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    Game description

    It's a natural reaction to playing the horrific Jeff The Killer Slenderman video game Jason the Death: Awful Smile to start pulling out your locks and biting your nails. You awake to find that the place you slept was unclean and gloomy. He has turned out all the lights, and the site looks dreadful.

    Murderer Jeff has made his way into your house and is hiding out there. Look around home with a Shooting rechargeable flashlight; he has likely already looked in every possible hiding place. It would be best if you armed yourself with everything you could find and got out of there as soon and safely as possible.

    Move using the WASD keys, gaze around with the mouse, fire with the left simple tap, aim with the scroll board button, switch weapons with the First Person Shooter thumb dial, and reload with the repeat key. But things have changed now.

    An old adversary, Techniques' applicability, seems to have reappeared; his goal is your demise. He's on your tail after kidnapping and killing all your inmates. Keep Adventure's guard up; he likely isn't the only one of his kind.

    Release date: 4 October 2019 , Platform: Web browser

    Classification: crazy games

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