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  • Jet Sky Water Boat Racing

    Jet Sky Water Boat Racing

    WebGL WebGL Racing Racing Mouse Mouse Unity 3D Unity 3D 1 Player 1 Player Boat Boat Water Water Driving Driving Keyboard Keyboard

    game description

    In this fantastic Jet Ski Racer Online game, your first step toward becoming a professional driver will be to purchase a vehicle. It'll be challenging at first, but after you get the slackness, you can complete money, acquire boats, and race at incredible speeds. You may compete with other players or against the clock to see who can quickly rack up the most points.

    When you're ready to play, you should get behind the wheel. Get prepared for the Slingshot Jetpack ultimate pleasure of boat gameplay and ski games in this action-packed hybrid.

    Experience the thrill of jet ski driving, jet ski tricks, and water motorboat shooting at this high-pressure water ski racing. In a boat racing simulator, you may be Racing to alter numerous settings to suit your preferences, and in a jet ski boat sports and jet ski gaming, you'll get the full, immersive sensation of riding a jet ski.

    Release Date: 10 July 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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