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  • Marvelous Hot Wheels

    Marvelous Hot Wheels

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    game description

    You'll need to give it your entire effort in this incredible PicoShot motorsport simulation to beat the competition, stay ahead of something like the railways, and claim the title of world champion. Pick a vehicle from our extensive inventory. Keep in mind that as your wealth grows, you'll be able to change your engine and purchase better cars. It's rarely easy being alive, so use the gas and super-ups you come across on the route.

    Take your very own super-tracks. It's simple and Shot Trigger entertaining to race automobiles and hummers; use any fingers to control the vehicle's direction and drift it down the course. Dare to do spectacular maneuvers, such as high-risk leaps and winding loops. Need a faster response time? In the grandest of gameplay, pressing the Booster command will cause you to accelerate to maximum speed.

    Put your talents to the test with a tonne of fantastic obstacles! Motorsports competitions cater specifically to those who like high speeds and a little skidding. Then all WebGL you need to do is win a quest, and you'll get a Red Disc. Accumulate the right amount of them, and you'll get access to a sweet new ride or Pickup Truck and some lovely new items for your track.

    Release Date: 23 April 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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