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  • Maze Speed

    Maze Speed

    Skill Skill escape escape maze maze new new

    Game Description

    Maze speed is one of the escape games, its looks like a puzzle, but here you need to escape from the Game Maze Tower game and reach your target within the time given! Maze speed game is one of the best escape games online. Here you have to escape from the Maze! That made you like a blind man! It would help if you found a way to escape, game over from the out of the Maze.

    So, you need to move forward and overcome the barriers and find the correct way to come out from the Maze in the maze speedrun game. That is a fantastic adventure game forever. Once you try the game, you never stop playing the maze game. This new escape game has excellent animation and polite background music.

    Anyway, you have to reach your goal within the time given! When you get your target, you will earn coin stars, and you can go to the next level, where you will have more obstacles than before. So, be aware of escaping from the barriers in the skill-based game. You don't need to wait to start the Speed for a Beat game! Play the thrilling competition and have fun! Don't lose hope if you fail. Try again. You have more chances to play!

    Release Date: 27 September 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    1220 played times

    Category: Arcade

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