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  • Octopus Sling Up

    Octopus Sling Up

    Mouse Mouse Animal Animal 1 Player 1 Player Collecting Collecting Arcade Arcade

    Game Description

    Stretch Up Like an Octopus Dr. Octopus Darkling plays the above game; to start, drag it off, after which you can let it go, but it will go up. Be cautious of the surges; users must obtain the coins if they go up, although you can purchase new octopuses.

    This game plays in the sea, and you can alter the Soccer octopuses you use. During gameplay, you can assume the shape of an octopus, go on adventures all over the planet, persistently advance through stages, and grow in strength. A gameplay experience that is unique, interesting, and stimulating is provided by more than 20 distinct sorts of tentacles.

    The game has several challenging stages. There are two bosses to defeat in each chapter, each with unique abilities and traits. It takes effort to get familiar with the attack .iogames timing and boss powers. The ability of the mutation octopus to freely deploy tentacles is, without a doubt, its most notable characteristic.

    At this point, players may freely build over 20 tentacles available in the game. There is an infinite number of possible combinations. Slingshot Jetpack and testing each one is a very fulfilling experience. Bringing up animals that may assist you in making progress. To combat the many foes, you'll need a wide variety of tentacles and strategies.

    Release Date: 7 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser,

    2278 played times

    Category: Arcade

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