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  • Pile Up!

    Pile Up!

    3D 3D WebGL WebGL Puzzle Puzzle Unity 3D Unity 3D 1 Player 1 Player Logic Logic Arcade Arcade Free Free

    Game Description

    To succeed at this play, you must also maintain a high level of attention and concentrate on collecting and stacking cubes. You must ensure they are Pile of Corpses balanced because if you screw up, they will topple over. All you have accomplished up to this point will be for nothing.

    Every cube that isn't precisely aligned with the one beneath it will have its corner lopped off. Make the pile of packages as tall as you can by stacking LiteWood: Pickup! the containers one on top of the other. Your total score is directly proportional to the height of your Pile of Boxes.

    It would be best if you strived to acquire as many coins as possible and beat other players by scoring the highest possible points. It is a one-of-a-kind, multiplayer, highly casual game designed for those who like playing hyper-casual. Pop it up! Games. In contrast to its rivals, it has a menu and gameplay that are both very user-friendly and visually appealing.

    It is a Pilling climbing Strategy game that ranks among the very finest. Install it, and then have fun with it. There are just two explanations for why individuals do not buy this game.

    Release Date: 26 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser,

    2970 played times

    Category: Arcade

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