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  • Pistol Hero V

    Pistol Hero V

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    game description

    You get to take control of Spider-Man in this incredible video game. However, you are not the sort of Spider-Man that you are. He has firearms, which will be how Pixel Hero Warfare defeats his adversaries! Evildoers and crooks will pursue you if you don't stop them! You will, fortunately, be able to repair yourself if your health bar drops below a certain threshold by picking up a medkit from the ground.

    This game is controlled with the keyboard (WSAD) and the mouse. In addition, you may play this with your phone! The game incorporates the MTB Hero controls for the mobile device itself. There are a great many puzzles and minigames buried around the city. Explore the urban jungle, locate new and intriguing locations to visit, and inquire about the activities in these areas.

    For instance, you could purchase ammunition, weaponry, one-first kit, or even one-of-a-kind armoured vehicles at a military post. The game has actual physics, stunning Heroes of the Pandemic automobiles, firearms, and much more. Your guy will need skills to battle against thieves, and it's time to put on your cape and cowl and save the day.

    Now is the time to become firm, move, and get tough. The real world is fraught with perils of every kind, just like the game. The city's streets were overrun with criminal organizations engaged in unlawful activity. Every Adventure, which way you turn, criminals and assassins are waiting for you.

    Your encounter with them will be hindered by corrupt law enforcement. You will not be able to find any respite from the demanding city streets. You have a high risk of being assaulted or robbed in this area. Alleyways may be dangerous places due to the presence of Arcade street gangs, especially if you are unprepared for a conflict.

    Release Date: 24 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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