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  • Redhead Knight

    Redhead Knight

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    Are you looking for multilevel old-school adventure games with modern-day graphics and engaging gameplay? Arcade game ready to play on Redhead Knight. The gameplay of this Ghost Knight Rider adventure game revolves around a young and very handsome red-headed knight - Arthur. He is struggling to save his beautiful village from the terror of enemies with the help of his magnificent sword. This game is a 2d side-scrolling game that consists of a total of fifteen levels. If you have remained a pro player of games like Sonic, Donkey king, or Super Mario, going ahead in this adventure game would not be difficult for you. All fifteen rounds will cover three worlds: forests, deserts, and snow land. The challenges in each new world will be newer, and so the rewards. However, your main goal in this knight game is to collect a maximum number of gold coins and kill all the enemies you've found along your way.

    The other challenges you will encounter are road gaps, spikes, and obstacles, so be aware and consciously pass through all these obstacles. Remember that you must possess so much bravery and courage to reach the final and the most significant round. Are you courageous enough? Press the play now button and find out! Jump into another sort of adventure by playing Small Archer! Redhead Knight is an exciting and challenging 2D side scroller Platform game in the same style as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic, atari breakout, pinball machine, Galaga, space invaders, skee ball, paintball, frogger, claw machine, Pac man arcade game.

    The arcade machine game has many levels separated level inside three worlds. Arthur is a red-haired modern knight who aims to protect peace in his community in these games and arcades. You will need a great opportunity and strength with numerous opponents in your way! Assist Arthur in this challenging adventure! The designs are fascinating and beautiful! Redhead Knight is a super fun and challenging Knight jump 2D Platform game. This arcade game has 15 levels distributed into three worlds, which will challenge you to win. With many enemies in your path, you will require a ton of courage and bravery! So help Arthur in these challenges on these awesome adventure games!

    Release Date: 22 June 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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