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  • Samurai Rampage

    Samurai Rampage

    Platform Platform Fighting Fighting action action endless endless samurai samurai platformer platformer rampage rampage

    game description

    Try the samurai rampage game, and Samurai Slash shows your samurai sword skills by defeating all the enemies on your way that are coming to destroy and want you to stop. Samurai Rampage Is the best samurai sword game online, and you need to defeat all the evils and enemies with your sword. Your mission is to assist the samurai in defeating all the enemies coming randomly towards you in this samurai sword arcade game, and you need to survive till the last.

    The samurai sword game rules are simple you need to defeat all the Rampage evil souls and dodge all their attacks with your reflexes. Some of the evils are stronger, and you need to attack them more than the expected evils, and they attack more frequently in this samurai sword fighting game.

    If the enemies attack you and you fail to dodge their moves, Warrior Fighters Samurai Sim, your life will decrease, and if it continues in this Html5 action game, you will lose, and all your progress will lose. Play this fantastic rampage video game gameplay to explore the evil valley and defeat all the ghosts coming towards you, and their motto is to knock you out and stop you from returning to your homeland.

    Release Date: 14 October 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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