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  • Scary Midnight Hidden Bats

    Scary Midnight Hidden Bats

    Skill Skill Mobile Mobile Fun Fun Halloween Halloween hidden hidden hiddenobjects hiddenobjects scary scary midnight midnight bats bats bat bat

    game description

    Scary Monsters Coloring Is a unique hidden object game online, where you will find bats in difficult midnight hidden in different places.

    It is the best-hidden object game for kids as they will discover the bats by focusing on the images and will see the scene with a detective's eye. These Halloween hidden games' rules are simple: find the scary midnight bats and earn scores. The fast you see bats, the more you will make scores. In this Halloween hidden object game, you will lose if you fail to spot all the scary bats within the time limit and need to play the game again to clear the stage.

    This hidden game's steam has eight levels, but time is too short to find bats, and it gets exciting, and you need to be quick in this game. This midnight castle hidden object game has fun for free time, and Midnight multiplayer dinosaur hunt plays for hours, and you can play this competition and make your brain sharp by spotting the bats.

    Release Date: 2 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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