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  • Sentry Guardian

    Sentry Guardian

    Zombie Zombie Upgrade Upgrade Survival Survival Skill Skill Attack Attack 1 Player 1 Player Evade Evade Free Free Defense Defense

    game description

    Ghouls and skeletons, and you will also The Princess Sent to Future have to fire the bow. Good luck making use of your unique abilities! You are on your own, there are skulls and more creatures on their way, and you must protect yourself.

    Sentry Defender is an intriguing combat participation game. The players will take on the roles of warriors who must defend the villagers from hordes of zombies by Idle Zombie Guards using their abilities to fire arrows at the undead.

    When we go to unfamiliar areas, walk down the street alone, meet a stranger, or get a taxi late at night, we open ourselves up to the possibility of being put in dangerous situations. It is particularly true for Noob Ninja Guardian women. In 2021, almost everyone will have a smartphone, which means the device may serve as our first line of defence.

    You may sense Zombie security and security if anything awful happens if you choose reliable individuals to act as your guard.

    Release Date: 9 September 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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