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  • Slap champ

    Slap champ

    3D 3D Arcade Arcade Android Android Adventure Adventure Casual Casual boys boys 1player 1player action action boxing boxing .io .io

    Game Description

    Slap Champ will give you a great chance to slap the opponent in the slap game. You want to hit him as much as powerful and kill him to win the adventure game!

    Slap Champ is the best game for kids. If you like to play sports games or do sports, it might be the best game. Try out the .io game now and enjoy it! When you enter the 1 player game, you can see a fantastic image that looks nice. You will have a character to play the game, and there will be an opponent to complete with you. When you start the slap game, you or the opponent wants to slap first and continuously slap, up to one person loses the game. You will have the energy level to play the adventure game; when you get slaps, your energy will reduce, and if you lose, you will lose the match in the arcade game. So, you want to hit as much as powerful to the opponent to knockout him. There you can select the slap speed; according to that, the energy will reduce. So, take care of them and the boxing game. Don't miss out on having fun with the casual game

    Release Date: 2 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    1423 played times

    Category: Sports

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