Game Description

      Are you a diehard fan of old-school platformer games? If yes, then try this 2d pixel game and relive your childhood with its fun levels and unique challenges.

      Play SQUARE PIXEL SLIME on crazygames online.

      The gameplay of this free online game revolves around a square pixel slime that is on its mission to collect maximum gold blocks. Don't think that it's just a sort of old adventure game since you will get the feeling of playing rush games and adventure games at once. Isn't it interesting?

      The entire 2d pixel adventure game consists of forty levels where each round will be harder to finish than the previous one. Some rounds will be upside down, some will be hindered by a continually moving screen and camera, and some others will come up with unusual gravity.

      What makes this 2d game better than other free games is that you can clear each level in just a few seconds.

      At the start of each round, your square pixel will drop down on the track possessing spikes and obstacles. You cannot stop or lower the speed of the character, just as in runner games. The slime will keep on running faster, and you have to dodge the obstacles by jumping over them. Keep in mind that a single collision with the spikes or obstacles will end your game, and you have to start from the same level all over again. Thus, your main goal in this fun adventure game will be to dodge the obstacles and gaps and reach the gold block at the end. Moreover, you have to keep the number of deaths as low as possible to reach the top position of the leaderboard. Your final position in the pixel world will depend upon your collected rewards and death rate.

      In the first few levels of this sonic adventure, there will be only one or two obstacles that you can go through easily without any problem - even if you are a newbie. However, this fun brian game will get more difficult from the higher stages due to the rotating trajectories and more frequent obstacles.

      To play this brain training game on mobile or tabs, tap on the screen to jump. The simple and addictive gameplay of this epic adventure and one-button game will never let you leave your seat. The platforms and background will remain the same in all forty stages. You can turn off the generic background music from the main menu to prevent distraction.

      New to online adventure games? Pro player of adventure and running games? Play this arcade pixel game and boost your performance and level of skills! Just start playing and build up your skills. Tap the play now button and jump into this free epic adventure now. Do you love this fun pixel game? Then, try Pixel slime U to boost up your level of fun!

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