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  • TRZ Battleship

    TRZ Battleship

    Logic Logic War War Boat Boat battle battle strategy strategy battleship battleship ship ship

    game description

    TRZ Battleship will give you an excellent battleship experience in the sea. Here you want to damage all the boats of enemies and complete the game to have fun! TRZ Battleship is the best game for boys and kids. It will be the best TRZ Pool game if you like to do battle things or play battle games. Try out the battleship game now and enjoy it! You will have a military base and gun when you enter the boat game.

    Your enemy's base is also in the opposite direction in the strategy game. So, you want to shoot the enemy's boats to win the ship game. The enemy's boats will hide there, and you want to guess and shoot there to battle damage the ships in the war game. If you shoot one time, the enemy also will shoot one time.

    So, you want to damage all the boats in the logic game. When you shoot, if there is a boat, the missile will be shown as the cross mark, and if it is not, it will show as a circle in the action game. Complete the Counter Stickman Battle Simulator game and have fun with it. Do not wait to start the logical game!

    Release Date: 5 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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