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  • Warzone Getaway 2020

    Warzone Getaway 2020

    First Person Shooter First Person Shooter WebGL WebGL Upgrade Upgrade Car Car Mouse Mouse Progress Progress Unity 3D Unity 3D Skill Skill Killing Killing Gun Gun Shooting Shooting Tank Tank Arcade Arcade Free Free War War

    game description

    Therefore in an entertaining Highway Getaway game, you must repel waves of attacking enemy forces. Get creative with your weaponry, and you will prevail. You may utilize airplanes, automatic weapons, regular weaponry, or even your head to take out the bad guys.

    Skirmishing makes it seem simple, but the going will grow tough when more Fruits and Vegetables Word troops arrive. In Combat zone Breakout 2020, you must use your photography skills to defend your truck as it transports you from the hostile zone. In Battlezone Rescue 2020, accuracy is critical if you want to protect the precious cargo you've been entrusted with from the various hostiles.

    To be at the top of a list of wanted WebGL people is no easy feat. It's going to require some effort or a good trick. Try to avoid the fire, so you don't perish.

    Release Date: 8 May 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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