Play some of the most incredible and awesome defense games on your PC here at Best Crazy Games. We've collected some of the most thrilling and fascinating high-tech defense games, helping you develop surviving skills in your mind. All the games are specifically designed for kids, making decisions more rapidly and accurately in defending situations. These online defense video games are free from any intense and violent graphics so that you can let your child play as much as they want. However, we have developed some 2D defense games, which are still the first choice for small kids because 3D games will be challenging for small kids. Play a parade defense or Rainbro game, where you need to defend yourself from the enemies and hide under the shield. The longer you hide, the more high scores you’ll get. Try Draw Defense, where you need to draw guards that will protect your place from all the red enemies and make your area safer. However, you need to maintain a balance between the enemies and the guards. If you draw more than enemies, you'll lose! Play Granny Chapter Two, which is entirely inspired by the most popular horror video game series Granny. In this game, you need to kill the granny and defend yourself. This PC online video game is best for the kids!

Try Grand Commander, where you need to protect yourself from the aliens. You'll be given an SMG gun from which you can kill all the evil aliens and protect yourself. For some cartoonish look, try Rats Cooking, in which you need to protect your food stall from stray rats. Did you remember Plants and Zombies? Checkout Teddy Bear Grenades where your objective will be to save your avatar from the harmful bears. You need to fire all the evil enemies and eliminate them.

These online browser defense games are for mobile android and iOS tablets or phone device or computer. They include defense games such as Zombie Parade Defense 3 and top defense games such as Zombie Parade Defense 2, Draw Defense, Granny Chapter Two, Grand Commander, Rats Cooking, Robot Police Iron Panther, Demonblade, Pagliacci, Teddy Bear Zombie Grenades, and many more free defense games at bestcrazygames.

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