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You must have played those old adventure games, which consisted of gameplay where the player had to cover the obstacles with jumps and runs. Such online games possessed unique boosters that allowed the player to fly by, passing through all the barriers without any problem. Still, remember that easy-go feeling? To make you enjoy those good old things without lowering the standard of modern game strategies, we have created a category named New Flight Games for flight lovers. Here, you can find all the games where your missions rotate around action-packed flying themes. So, whether you want to pass an aeroplane or have old-school games all over again, everything is there for you.

The category starts with the 2D air battling game named Great Air Battles. The gameplay consists of a fighter jet that has to pass through the battle zone by shooting the enemies' jets and helicopters without getting hit by them or without crashing. Not only this, but the rockets and bullets would also encounter you in your way and make the mission quite tricky for you, but you have to stay consistent to reach the winning line. During this plane shooting game, various boosters and power-ups would also appear alongside the map to improve efficiency and help you complete the mission earlier. So, can you survive in this 2d air battle? Play the game and test your warrior skills!

Want to become an aviation pilot to fly your plane peacefully? Give a chance to the Aircraft flying simulator. This 3d plane simulator game is best for those who have never tried such games. Here, you will get an opportunity to learn everything while taking off your plane to the ing. Your goal in this plane game would be to make the passengers reach their destinations safely and on time. Since it is an online simulator game, you will not only play the role of a pilot; you must keep an eye on other tasks simultaneously, such as flight operations, schedule, and passengers. In other words, a person can only complete the missions if he thinks he is multitasking. Are you?

Apart from these two aircraft games, various similar games are available, such as Airplane Fly 3d flight plane, flight simulator C-130 training, and many others. So, choose the one according to your taste and let the show begin.

Now comes the less technical and more adventurous part of the category, which covers adventure flying games such as Gamble Run. Don't worry; we didn't mention the wrong match in our flying games category since this running game also allows you to fly. Want to know more? Here it is! The gameplay of this 3d adventure game revolves around an animal. He must pass through many obstacles while collecting the coins to reach the finish line. During the run, he can also use gliding to pass through these barriers more quickly and precisely, just as you did in your old-school games. However, this game is much better than those old games in many aspects, such as power-ups, upgrades, 3d graphics, more challenging missions, etc.

Explore the category now to play more epic flying games for free, like Going Right gameplayBird Fall-down, etc..

The advent of smartphones has given rise to a new era of flying games. The flying game app market is booming, with options ranging from simple, addictive games like the Whirlybird passing game to more complex simulations. Flying Android and Flying Challenge game apps have become particularly popular, offering easy access and portable gameplay. Flight game APK mod options also allow players to customize their experience, adding an extra layer of engagement.

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