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What are the most popular Horror Games?

What are the best Horror Games to play on phones and tablet?

If you think you are brave enough to face the much-fabled slender man, we have multiple ghost-busting games that you can play. The first game that you can play is Slendrina Must Die. In this game, you get a chance to visit an abandoned asylum in the deep night. While on the lookout, you come to terms with the Slendrina. You have to finish her and get to the following endpoint. The fun part is – you get brand new guns that you can use. Instead of killing enemy humans, you get a chance to kill the ghost! Another slender man game that you can play is Slenderman Must Die. It is similar to the previous game, but you have to kill the skinny ghost instead of Slendrina. Now, if both of these ghost runner games don’t interest you, play Slenderman Horror. Here the gameplay is different. You will not get weapons beforehand; You have to pick objects and use them as weapons on the run. If you don’t make it, Slenderman will decimate you. Play all these scary ghost games and have a great time.

Have you ever dreamt of venturing into lonely, creepy mansions? If you have, you must play our ghost hunting games. Granny’s mansion is one such game where you can fulfill your dream of venturing into the unknown. The game has been designed, so it entices the games to play it more and more. Already a hit with gamers, this adventure Ghost game presents unique challenges before you have to accomplish them. 

Do you get nightmares of a zombie apocalypse? Are you sure you are not fainthearted? Because Our zombie games under this category are not for the cowards. If you are brave enough, play Zombie’s Night, where you can kill those zombies that terrify you. Another game that you can play is Into the Dead Trigger, where you have to hunt them. Both of these zombie-killing games are of premium content. Do not believe? Play both of the zombie hunting games and see for yourself!

Apart from all these, you can also play Island of Momo where mischievous creatures come out of water. Finish them and be the champions. If You are looking for funny real ghost games, play Troll Face Quest and Inferno. We have left few 3D Ghost games to be discovered by you, so hurry and play all of them! 

All the games in this category are playable on android, iOS, Windows devices. Do play all top ghost games and refer to your friends also!

These online browser horror games are for mobile android and iOS tablets or phone device or computer. They include horror games such as Evil Nun Schools Out and top horror games such as The Dawn Of Slenderman, Mineworld Horror, Jeff The Killer The Hunt for The Slenderman, INFERNO, The Island of Momo, Slenderman Must Die: Survivors, TrollFace Quest: Horror 3, Shred and Crush 2, Slenderman Horror Story Madhouse, and many more free horror games at bestcrazygames.

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