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What are the most rated pixel Games?

What are the best pixel Games to play on phones and tablet?

What are rated pixel Games?

Want to relive your old school days where you and your friends came back from school and sit in front of your super TV set to play those simple pixel games? Well, you don't need to set your video game players again beside your TV sets since technology has made it much more manageable. 

Explore through this vast category of top-rated pixel games which contain something for everyone. Whether you were a fashionista soul in your childhood or the one who didn't get tired of enjoying the nostalgia of pixel adventurous games like Run and Jump, every type of game is available to play at this platform of best crazy games.

One of the most popular pixel games is Kill all. As the name implies, the central goal of this game is to kill all of your enemies - the monster enemies. These vast and absurd-looking monsters are everywhere, and you would be thrown among them with a weapon in your hand. However, to upgrade the gaming tactics and meet the modern-day gaming standard, a more diverse weapon catalog has been introduced and the various characters.

Go to the menu, select your favorite character and keep on killing the monsters to remain in the game. Please don't underestimate this free first-player game by reading this simple gameplay since it keeps on getting harder when a countdown starts to display on the screen. If you don't kill a monster before the end of the countdown, you will lose the game. 

Another challenging old pixel game is Stuck trigger. What you have to do in it is clearly shown in the name. In the beginning, you will land in a battleground where you have to pull the trigger every time you come in front of an enemy. Looking so simple? It won't be that when you have to put your strengths to identify who your friend is and who's the enemy. It is not the only challenge. Instead, you must learn to control your weapon and unlock higher stages of this multilevel pixel game. The entire gameplay may feel a little confusing at the start, but trust me, you won't be able to stop you afterward once you start playing the game.

You must have played some pixel fighting games in your childhood where you had to use the power of spells and swords to kill the witches' enemies. Such fantasy games were so engaging that no one could forget them even reaching their 50s. Don't be afraid to think that you might not find such multilevel action games when you have access to the best crazy games platform. Witch Crafter is mainly based on those old monster games where you have to survive within the world of witches and monsters. At the end of each level, a dangerous and mighty monster would be awaiting you. On defeating him, you can unlock more swords and more spills. 

To find more epic and fun pixel games like Super Jesse Pink, Lifeline, or many others, dive into the category now.

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