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Shark hunting took the plane. He is going to war to save his friends. And help friends not to get to the cemetery. You must help him break through to the finish line through the crowds of enemies. Pick up new weapons to kill enemies more effectively. Show your dexterity and accuracy. Help Ben destroy his enemies and complete his mission. Collect power-ups and increase shooting accuracy. Good luck!

The squad is a shooting game developed by Offworld Industries. Available for PC via Steam, the game is fantastic, being realistic and offering good online opportunities for up to 100 simultaneous players. Read the full tutorial and learn the best tricks to help you:

Like most online games, the team community can be challenging for beginners. So avoid conflicting choices during the first few hours of play, such as being a leader. Wait until you have enough practice and be able to control your allies.

An excellent initial choice is to play as a shooter or sniper with a rifle because their attributes are the easiest to learn and get used to the gameplay.

Real weapons can hardly be called a good toy, but computer shooting games with guns and shooting are now produced quite decent and long capture gamers of all ages. Online shooting games offer a solid arsenal of weapons - arrows, revolvers, machine guns, grenade launchers, guns, tanks, Laser pistols. The player finds himself in a difficult situation, and the only thing that can help him is a reliable barrel.


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