Angry Guys

    Angry Guys

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    Game description

    Destroy everything in your route by shooting your enemies and blowing them up.
    Your arsenal includes a massive catapult. You'll look like a speck next to it; it's that enormous.
    Your mission is to use a catapult to hurl Angry Boss at your enemies, who you must then blast up by destroying their defenses and barriers.

    Simply put, Angry Daddy is an excellent kick-out combat royale game. Find the perfect fit for your gamer persona, maintain your frenetic pace, and outlast your rivals to emerge victorious. On the other hand, watch out that you don't get booted off the game by other participants! You should just get started already. Get the mobile app Stumble Guys and commence your exciting, never-ending journey right now. 

    When you play Angry shooting Emoji, you can race against other players worldwide in fun and intensely competitive game.
     Get the jump on the competition and cross the finish line in the first position.
    Make yourself stick out from the other runners by avoiding the hazards they'll inevitably encounter.
    Choose a character to represent you in the game. Possible candidates include a lion, a scientist, a monarch, an extraterrestrial, a samurai, etc.

    Release date: 21 March 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

    Classification: Games » Arcade

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