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  • Grass Cutting Puzzle

    Grass Cutting Puzzle

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    Game description

    In this first-of-its-kind Simulator game, you'll be tasked with caring for a digital garden with a fully operational grass cutter and solving riddles.

    Cut Grass Simulator is a game that allows players to use virtual versions of real-world lawn care equipment.
    In this game, you may practice your grass-cutting abilities while tending to a virtual garden full of blooming flowers. You aim to take charge of the lawnmower and use it to create a perfectly manicured lawn from the first to the final line.
    You may have a soothing and absorbing game experience by moving your finger to tend to the grass and the flowers.

    Don't let the tranquillity of the game deceive you; to win, you'll need to clear the yard of grass as quickly as possible.
    New obstacles will appear later in the game, forcing you to adjust your strategy and tactics accordingly. You don't maintain to be a fanatic of property maintenance to appreciate the hours of fun that may be had with the Dino Grass Island Puzzle. The question then becomes, 'Why wait?' The time to mow and grow is now.

    Release date: 28 April 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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