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    Hero Mission

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    Unleash the mighty prowess of your police fire hero robot and step up to the demands of a gangster-ridden city in Hero Mission, a superhero game that taps into your innate desire to save and protect.

    Let the frenzy of the fire hero robot rescue mission gameplay engulf you as you employ extraordinary abilities like soaring through the skies, activating speed enhancements, and executing swift running and jumping manoeuvres to bring every rescue mission to a successful close.

    Venture into the tumultuous world of Hero Mission gameplay, where every mission is an opportunity to shine. Your superhero game robot mission unfolds in varied locales, from quiet suburbs and bustling construction sites to tranquil parks and sun-kissed beaches of the crime-infested city.

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    So, join the ranks, harness your powers, and brace yourself for a series of challenges that will redefine your concept of heroism. Welcome to Ninja Clash Heroes Multiplayer, - where every mission is a call to greatness.

    Release date: 2 June 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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