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  • Among Us SpaceRush

    Among Us SpaceRush

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    game description

    SpaceRush is a running and jumping Knights Diamonds video game popular here on Earth. Retrieve your fellow sailors by opening their locks using the provided key. Some of them depend on the fact that your rescue crew is small. Keep in mind that you'll be doing this task in outer space. If you are knocked down, the game is finished. Moreover, some pretenders will be driving their automobiles at you. So, please use extreme caution.

    You and your team of 4-15 people may Sea Diamonds battle it out online or through local WiFi as you try to ready your spacecraft for launch, but beware: one of your teammates may be a killer robot. Either the crew can win if everyone finishes their chores, or they find the imposter and vote them off the ship.

    The Identity thief may utilize ruin to create confusion, allowing for more covert operations and more convenient murders. The And Among Leg Mod provides the means for Android players to acquire legs and utilize them to construct various items, such as homes, vehicles, launchers, and even replicas of their deceased crew members.

    Release Date: 26 November 2020 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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