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    Do you want to play an exciting stickman gun game with epic levels and victory modes? Are you competitive enough to become the king of the stickman arena?

    Play Chaos Gun Stickman on best crazygames.

    This free online game is a reverse shooting game. To play this stickman fighting game, the players have to use a shooting force to monitor the movement of their stickman fighter and destroy maximum enemies.

    The gameplay of this online shooting game revolves around a chaos overload that is struggling to take over an entire city. As a parkour stickman, you have to hire mercenary gangs to develop the 8/8 city sector grid to occupy different sectors, generate income, and ultimately control the entire map region.

    The thing which makes it best among the other stickman shooting games is its multiple victory conditions. For example, in the four-timed scenario, you can chase different sectors, support, money, or all these things at once. However, if you play in the six-objective strategy in this gunman game, you will be free from the time barriers and freely chase your most specified goal. These goals might range from killing other chaos groups to control more critical city sectors.

    The other exciting features which stand this war stickman game higher than the other stickman games are as follows.

    • Matching mode and card mode are available in this stickman hook game to fully enjoy the shooting experience. These modes would enable the players to get more proficient and better in shooting and aiming. The matching mode is quite helpful for the newbies of first person shooting games and gun games.

    • Different level modes allow the players to enjoy this henry stickman game according to their taste and skills. Do you want to jump into one-on-one combat? Turn on the 1v1 level mode. And if you think you are better at handling two opponents simultaneously, prove yourself as the best crazy shooter by turning on the 1v2 way.

    • The features of the rank upgrade are also provided in this arcade shooting game. Keep on upgrading your rank in this unblocked shooting game by killing maximum opponents in the shortest duration and earning top points to push your level up. These maximum points and maximum kills will make you the king shooter of the henry stickman collection.

    • Vast armor and skin range also make this game better than other free gun games. As your rank would get updated, you would unlock more heroic skins and powerful weapons.

    • You can play this shoot to thrill cyberpunk game on all kinds of devices from android to Apple and from mobile to PCs.

    Can you become the champion of the stickman world? Can you overcome all the obstacles without sacrificing your health in this best fps game? Then, click on the play now button and reveal it! Extend your level of fun further battle dudes.io!

    Release Date: 23 June 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    6161 played times

    Category: Shooting

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