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  • Cheers to the Last Month of Summer

    Cheers to the Last Month of Su...

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    Game description

    I wish Cheesy Run every one of you a happy and healthy August. In this incredible game, your objective will be to help a girl get ready for the last month of summer. Because this is the final month of summertime before school starts, she will celebrate by attending a party.

    You can customize her appearance by altering her hair, outfit, and even the accessories she wears. To change the Sports character's hair, you must click the arrow on the screen. This game is controlled entirely by the mouse.

    It's time to blast at the beach with many exciting things: put on fashionable beach wear, help treat wounded beach creatures, search for Action hidden treasures in the dunes, and many more. Construct the most magnificent sand castle you can think of and submit it to the competition.

    Cast your vote for the castles you think Vampire Princess Cheerleader Girl is the best. Please provide a hand to the Johnson family as they prepare for their exciting beach trip this summer. They will tell you precisely what they would like to wear if you dress them in fantastic beach clothes and accessories.

    You may even make your surfboard if you educação want. Pack your beach bag, lather yourself with sunscreen, and let's start this party! There is no more enjoyable way to pass the time on a long hot day.

    Release date: 13 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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