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  • coloring lines v2

    coloring lines v2

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    Game description

    Try coloring lines v2 hypercasual game online and start coloring on the line by moving the color-spreading object on that line, avoiding the hurdles. You must have played many colouring games before. You are presuming the colouring lines v2 to be a coloring book game but wait. This is not the case. The Colors Swap game coloring lines v2 is an arcade game.

    In the line-making coloring game coloring lines v2, you have to color a line on which the color is moving. You can complete colouring this line only by avoiding the hurdles. There are many challenging hurdles to pass. you have to remain attentive while driving on the bumpy road.

    If you get to touch any of the hurdles in the game, you will lose that game, and then you have to start from the start. After completing the level and moving forward in the Fitz Color game, you can unlock many new reads and coloring objects to oversee. This makes your hyper-casual game free online an exciting and addictive game to play. 

    Release date: 13 September 2021 , Platform: Web browser

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