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    Cube Filler

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    Cubic Filling, yes, you read it correctly; the objective of this game is to fill cubes. Icon Cube Jump picture The match-3 puzzle game Cube Grandmaster 3D is both fashionable and challenging.

    Swiping the screen will rotate the cube, matching identical tiles will clear the level, and using power props will help you remove tiles from the Ultimate Jump Cube board more rapidly. Cubes is a feature-rich Cube generator that can provide the shortest feasible solution starting from any accepted input state.

    Cubes can do this on any excellent input source. You may manually input the Cubey Labyrinths status or scan it using the phone, and CubeX will walk you through the procedures to solve a cube in a matter of minutes.

    CubeX also includes a fashionable Virtual Cube for you to play with and a clever Cube Timer for you to use. It is 2 Player available without an internet connection, and it's free! The only factor which affects the application you will ever require is Cubes.

    Release Date: 13 September 2019 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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