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  • Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm

    Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm

    Zombie Zombie farm farm action action rabbit rabbit

    Game Description

    Daddy rabbit zombie Fram game is like an adventure; once you play, you can not stop; the zombie will always be a threat to you while playing the Angry Daddy game! Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm is a puzzle action game for android and ios. There is a Daddy rabbit, some baby rabbits and zombies.

    Daddy rabbit also lost his sons; he needed to find them before the zombies ate them. So, he wanted to search for the Underground trench in a Fram area. But in this best zombie game, there is a problem with finding them; the zombies, yes, don't like it. If the baby rabbits cry, then they will eat the baby rabbits. Only then will the father rabbit protect his sons with carrot punch and rabbit grant them what they need for those monstrous zombies.

    Baby rabbits sleep in the Farm area, but if they wake up or lose their father, they will start crying so that the zombies devour them. So, you have to force-feed baby rabbits the carrots from the Farm. So the sons can stay there without crying. There is a carefree farmer in this delicate Fram game; to get more carrots, you must wake him. Finally, to complete this Super Daddy mission, you have to give. He will only let you pass if you give him a gem.

    Release Date: 22 September 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    1413 played times

    Category: Puzzle

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