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    game description

    In this exceptionally straightforward game, you'll need to use Ship Dodge, your glider, to navigate the airspace and dodge various hazards, including roaming predators. Keep this in mind. Help Rat Bot navigate Cat Lab's elaborate mazes of fanciful electromechanical rodent catchers.

    For your journey for cheeses and escape, you'll have to avoid massive metallic Kitty Shredders, hop over bird Roller Shavings, avoid deadly Landmines and Laser pointers, and Dodge The Tower edge your route over ponds of machine Acid. Battle 88 hard-level design challenges as you explore Cat Lab's secret labs in search of clues about the cats' sinister intentions.

    Gather massive Arcade quantities of camembert and use it to buy different looks for your mechanical rabbit. In this crazy and exhilarating platformer, your reflexes, abilities, rhythm, and adoration of the cat will all be put to the stand as you try to get away from Cat Laboratories.

    Release Date: 15 March 2020 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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