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  • Doomsday Town

    Doomsday Town

    Minecraft Minecraft

    Game description

    It looks like doomsday has come. Zombies, Doomsday Hero and aliens are everywhere, simultaneously killing and eating people and damaging property.

    It looks like Farming Town that within an hour or two, they will get over control of the vast planet and its people. So, to save the world and humanity from the Apocalypse of the zombies, you will make a secure place for people to take refuge inside.

    Then you will also prepare advanced weaponry to kill the zombies in the Minecraft game adventure. In Zombie Minecraft, you shall not be scared or confused because instructions will be there at every phase to know what to do and what the need is to kill the aliens. Be solid and efficient and play these fantastic Minecraft games for free to save the world.

    Release date: 18 January 2022 , Platform: Web browser

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