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  • Fallen girl

    Fallen girl

    Killing Killing 1 Player 1 Player Arcade Arcade

    Game description

    You will have to investigate the fallen FireFall female in this arcade game. You seem to have dropped from a great height; thus, you must rise and explore your surroundings. However, there are terrifying beasts.

    What will you do? You should fire Fall Boys and Fall Girls Knockdown your gun or run away; that game becomes more demanding as you go further, and it's also becoming difficult to escape. This game is for you, Jump Girl.

    Leap! Climb! Move! Become a leap Action master tub. Therefore, you need to climb on the furniture, leap over everything that could be in your way, shatter some plates, crush some watermelons, and knock over some paint.

    To make the character leap, you must tap the screen on your device. Can you cross the finish line of Fall Girls Run Multiplayer without any problems?

    Release date: 2 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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