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    Game description

    Flying motorbikes real simulator games is a new fascinating motorbike series of racing games. Ride a fast real flying bike by tapping the screen. Flying Motorbike is a new motorbike game html5 online free on pc in which Flying Cars Era, you can choose from various high-tech flying motorcycles.

    Get on your bike and take speed in the jungle, through Flying Music mountainous areas and deserts, some you can drive on good mettle road. You will receive passengers' messages and carry them to their identified location. Some want to go home, and some want to go to the market.

    At the same time, some want to go to school or hospital. Your job is to carry them with the help of minimap to find the exact locations. While travelling, you will come across water, take aeroplane mode, and take them to the site. It can be easily seen high tower Moto Bike Rush Driving beam of red and yellow light is the exact passenger location. Flying motorcycle games is the best flying 2d adventure game providing passengers with a fantastic flying transportation experience. When driving down the street, take advantage of a unique flying taxi service and explore the vast open environment.  

    Release date: 12 March 2022 , Platform: Web browser

    Classification: Games » Adventure

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