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    Fruit Doctor

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    Try the Fruit Doctor stimulation game online and help the diseased fruits and vegetables to recover from the disease in a better and less painful way. Play Fruit Bubble Shooters at the best crazy games. Have you ever thought that, like humans, when they get ill, they want to have a doctor or their treatment, the fruits and vegetables also want the same?

    In the hyper-casual game Fruit Doctor, you have to become a doctor of vegetables, and you are a veggie or fruit yourself. The hospital game online for kids is all about hospital vegetables and fruits. It is the world of vegetables and fruits in the fruit and vegetable clinic game. Like the human needs doctor for regular checkups and chronic disease.

    The fruits and vegetables in the hyper-casual game 2021 also want Crazy Halloween Nail Doctor the same. You are the only able doctor there in their world. Look for the patients for their pain and then prescribe the medicine according to their needs and demands in the fruits game. You have to take care of your cute juicy patients in the fruit and vegetable game. 

    Release Date: 4 September 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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